I'm Still Here with TLC

How to think differently with Mark L. Fox

August 30, 2023 Tammy Lawrence-Cymbalisty / Mark L. Fox Season 8 Episode 9
I'm Still Here with TLC
How to think differently with Mark L. Fox
Show Notes

Speaking with Mark L. Fox about shifting the way we think, using our five senses to find solutions to problems.  We speak about The Vibe is a PEMF therapy device (link below), crop circles & hot air balloons.

Mark L. Fox is an Entrepreneur, scientist, engineer, author, creative thinking consultant, crop formation researcher, and former Space Shuttle Chief Engineer.  Mark is a Hot Air Balloonist and built his own airplane.

Link to The Vibe:  https://resona.health/tlc
FAQ on the device: https://resona.health/faqs

Mark's Book:  DaVinci and The 40 Answers

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Music by Kevin MacLeod
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