I'm Still Here with TLC

Grief in Real Time with Author Lisa Espinoza

March 30, 2022 Tammy Lawrence-Cymbalisty / Lisa Espinoza Season 3 Episode 10
I'm Still Here with TLC
Grief in Real Time with Author Lisa Espinoza
Show Notes

Speaking with Author Lisa Espinoza about the loss of her son, grieving in general and her new book, "First, Brush Your Teeth - Grief and Hope in Real Time".  Lisa's son passed away after being hit by a car while he was riding his bike.

Lisa Espinoza is a writer, speaker, certified grief counselor, and NEW grandma! Her first book Days of Whine and Noses—Pep Talks for Tuckered Out Moms was a like a cheerleader on paper for young moms, inspiring them to embrace the joy and profound life lessons to be found in the midst of dirty diapers and runny noses. Her newest book First, Brush Your Teeth—Grief and Hope in Real Time is a trusted companion for those of us who have experienced loss, inspiring us with a voice of comfort, strength, and hope.

Connect with Lisa:
Website:  https://www.lisaespinoza.com/
IG: https://www.instagram.com/lisa.espinoza/?hl=en
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/lisachandlersmom

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